Did you know that Atlanta ranks number 9 on Forbes’ list of the most dangerous cities in the US? And as if that wasn’t enough, the city also landed at number 26 on Forbes’ ‘America’s Most Miserable Cities’ list as well.

Wondering now if you’re safe in the city? Don’t worry; we have the solution to all your questions - a home security system.

Home Security Systems in Atlanta

Defending your home is your job as much as it is the authorities. So here are a few tips to better protect yourself against potential intruders:

  • Count all the entrances into the house that could serve as potential entry points for burglars and get motion sensors for all of them.
  • If there are any outdoor areas you can’t keep an eye on through windows, get CCTV cameras for those blind spots.
  • If you keep valuable items in the house, get safe alarms.
  • If anyone in the house smokes, get a smoke detector or a file alarm, especially for that specific area. Smoke detectors should also be installed in areas where you use fire stoves or burn any form of fuels.
  • If you have any stored items that might go bad due to changes in temperature, get a temperature or humidity alarm.

Keeping these few basic things in mind will help you make a simple list of items you need to buy for your home security system.

Home Security Laws in Atlanta

Atlanta has several laws, when it comes to home security systems:

  • Georgia has a statewide requirement for placing smoke alarms in existing and new homes.  Every new dwelling and dwelling unit within an apartment, condominium, and townhouse should be provided with an approved listed smoke detector. The requirement is applicable to  motels, hotels and dormitories as well.
  • Carbon monoxide alarms have also been made a statewide requirement, requiring all new construction homes to have at least one such detector installed.
  • Residents are also required by the Atlanta Police Department to register their home security alarm systems with them.

Dangerous City to the Safe City…

Let’s compare these laws with those applicable in San Diego, CA. This city ranks number 9 on Forbes’ list of the ‘Safest Cities in the US’. Interestingly, the home security systems in San Diego are nearly the same as in Atlanta. One would think that a city safer than Atlanta would not need that many security systems, but that is not the case. As for the laws in San Diego, it has the same smoke detector law, put into practice by the State Fire Marshall. The carbon monoxide law is also the same, and the California State Fire Marshal even provides a list of approved devices in this regard. 

Is the Neighboring State any Different?

If you want to compare Atlanta with its neighboring areas, then Florida isn’t too far away.  There is a huge number of Home Security Companies in Florida as well, offering nearly the same security devices as in Atlanta or San Diego. One thing you need to keep in mind with the Sunshine State though, is the humid weather. Your house may be prone to mold or mildew. A humidity or temperature alarm would be a wise decision in addition to a standard security system.

As for smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, Florida is among the 24 states that have made it a requirement for homeowners to install these both for their own safety. The laws vary in minor technicalities, but are the same on the whole.
So no matter where you live, be it the “safest city”, “most dangerous city” or the “most miserable city”, an investment in a home security system can do you nothing but good. Think about it, and make the wise call.

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