Approximately 876,059 property crimes are committed in the state of Texas every year. Houston is just one of the few sprawling cities in this state where your chance of being a victim is 1 in 100. While these statistics seem daunting, the overall crime rate has decreased in recent years. However, this does not mean your property is immune to crime. Taking the necessary security measures is still recommended to protect your home and your family.

Home Security Systems in Texas

The importance of home security systems in Texas can’t be emphasized enough. You can prevent or deter a property crime by installing a security system in your home. As burglars have become more sophisticated, a heavy bolt or lock is not enough to keep your home safe. Most security systems available nowadays comprise of various components such as detectors, wireless cameras, and alarms.

How Good are Home Security Systems?

Prevention is better than cure? According to a research conducted by the Alarm Industry Research Educational Foundation (AIREF), burglar alarm systems can help reduce the risk of burglaries by 40%. Why risk your valuable assets and your family when these statistics prove the effectiveness of home security systems. Investing in home protection services and safety can go a long way and prevent irreplaceable losses.
Various components of security systems can help secure your home’s perimeter. For example, you can place motion detectors around your yard, wireless cameras in your porch, and even add sensors inside your house to detect any kind of intrusion. Many systems are connected to a nearby law enforcement agency that will immediately signal them for help in case of any intrusion. Home security providers offer a range of security systems to match individual needs. Whether you live in a large house or small, you can conveniently select Houston Home security systems that offer maximum protection.